Saturday Sunday
9:00am Coffee
Have a coffee, meet the other developers, try to wake up.
Scope out the venue, hint, wifi password, power outlets, etc.
If you are just getting there, try to pull yourself together.
If you’d been coding all night, you are a serious hacker!
10:00am Brainstorm
As an entire group, brainstorm app ideas.
Post each idea on the wall as a sticky note.
After all ideas are collected, combine similar ideas together.
As a group, rate ideas based on need, doable, useful, etc.
Remove lower rated ideas, keep the higher rated ones.
Each developer chooses the one idea they want to work on.
Shuffle teams if necessary to balance the skill level.
Voilà! Teams are now have formed around the best ideas!
Let the hackin’ continue!
11:00am Design
Separate into your teams, discuss individual skills.
List all the cool features your app will have.
Discuss the tasks required to build your awesome app.
Research potential frameworks, API, libraries, etc.
Wireframe the initial design of your app.
Divide the tasks between the members of the team.
Setup the repos for code sharing.
10 PRINT “Is your code awesome?”
30 IF I = “Y” OR I = “y” THEN GOTO 60
40 PAUSE 100
50 GOTO 20
60 PRINT “Woot!”
70 END
12:00pm Lunch
Take a break, have some lunch, chat with the other teams.
Swap business cards, share contact details, mingle.
Time to eat, grab some food, chill out, relax, unplug.
Talk about how awesome your apps are gonna be.
1:00pm Coding
Back at it, continue coding like a mad man/women.
[Insert Code Here]

3:00pm Coffee
Time for a break, grab a coffee and/or biscuit.
Break time!
3:30pm Coding
Final sprint before the end of the day, let’s do this!
Time to crank the tunes, finish push to the finish line!
5:00pm Demos
Groups gather, demoing the current state of their apps.
Discuss what’s done, what’s still left to do.
Everyone gets together, each team demos their app.
Applause, cheering and high fives!
6:00pm Intermission
Go home for the evening, or keep on hackin’!
Celebrate! Victory! Congrats!!

Not familiar with the Apps4Good way? Checkout the Organize page for more details.