Brandagram – Coming Soon!

Brandagram is a unique photo sharing app for iPhone designed to promote fun, engagement, and community at your event/organization!

Without a doubt, people are taking pictures at your event/organization. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if most of these photos showcased your event/organization’s logo and colours? That’s Brandagram.

Patrons can share their Brandagram photos in three simple steps:

  1. Choose from a variety of cool, colourful, and branded graphics
  2. Capture or upload a photo of themselves, their teammates, or other things
  3. Share their themed photo with friends, family, and your event/organization on Facebook, Twitter, Email, or SMS

As simple as that – tons of photos with your event/organization’s logo and colours! All you have to do is select the colours, graphics, and hashtags using our guide provided below.

For patrons, Brandagram is fun way to share their positive experiences (plus people love taking photos with borders!). It’s also another great way to get involved. For events/organizations, the fun, engagement, and community adds value to patrons, plus all photos taken with Brandagram promote the event/organization’s name!

A tip for event planners: Print some promotional sheets with a QR code that links to your app on the App Store, and then place them at the registration tables. Pair this with a draw to win something cool. Boom. You have lots of great photos with your event’s logo and colours, while your patrons have experienced something unique, fun, and engaging.

To learn how to implement Brandagram for your event/organization, visit

Brandagram photo sharing apps for iPhone – Your brand in a snapshot.